Frictoles Technology is the pride of AILON, which is the result of years of fine-tuning and intense feedback from users. With Frictoles Technology, we are able to formulate next generation motor oils which is extremely effective in reducing friction and increase protection to the modern engines.

Frictoles technology is based on Moly-Trimer, which is a nano technology that significantly modifies friction coefficient of the lubricant. Moly-Trimer molecules fill and adhere to the microscopic imperfections of/and the engine surface. This results in smooth surface for metals to slide along, thus reducing wear. Hence, it extends the life of the engine and the turbo-charger.

Compared to other technologies, Moly-Trimer can significantly reduce friction and temperature. Hence, it is recommended in racing engines and engines operating under intense heat conditions.

The engine will operate efficiently with less friction, which in turn will reduce fuel consumption.



From the chart above, you can see that Moly Trimer technology reduces Friction Coefficient significantly during engine optimum temperature ( Approx. 90°C). Friction coefficient is further reduced during severe conditions (I.e. racing or pulling heavy loads) when engine temperatures reach higher.

This picture shows the wear level of the metals with lubricants fortified with Moly Dimer and Moly Trimer.

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