When Perfection Meets Passion . . .
That is in the minds and blood of AILON lubricants. Lubricants play a vital role in the 
smoothness and reliability of engines. Hence, we ensure every drop of AILON lubricants are 
precisely blended to suit the most severe requirements in the modern engines.
When Quality Matters . . .
Automobiles and industrial equipments are expensive precious investments. We don't just 
protect the automobiles and equipments. We protect your investments. Our products are 
manufactured in Singapore in state-of-the-art ISO9001 certified plants, and exceeds most of the 
manufacturer's specifications such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Cummins, Volvo, 
Renault, and others. You can be rest assured AILON will do the job for you while you operate 
your investments per sē.
When Technology is Involved . . .
Automobiles and industrial equipment manufacturers are constantly upgrading to better, 
fuel efficient and more powerful engines. Hence, most of the strain will end up on 
lubricants, in which it's core job is to lubricate, cool, clean and protect the engine. Blended 
using highly advanced US technologies coupled with technical know-how, AILON is able to 
efficiently perform it's job in your previous investments.
When AILON meets the world . . .
AILON is a premium range of Lubricants specifically engineered for high performance 
automobiles and industrial machines manufactured throughout the world. As Singapore is a 
trading hub with shipping lines to more than 130 countries, we are able to leverage on this 
to deliver our technologies to you.